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Preeti, Mumbai

Firstly I’m Thankful to GOD for making me meet “Roshni” as her name says she has been a light in My and my mom’s Life.Roshni is a Devout Healer ,PLR therapist ,angel /tarot reader.Each session of mine with  her was a beautiful experience and transformed me from within little by little.With lot of love,care and sensivityshe guides you through.With her healing energy she filled me with faith,love and believe in myself.A beautiful soul with abundance of love n light,an amazing listener full of patience she guides and takes u through smoothly.Grateful to U for nurturing me and energising me with Love Light Calmness and being there forever️.


Sabita Prabith, Kerala

 I was suffering from a knee issue for a couple of months and went ahead with a knee surgery, however the recovery was not as expected and I had a lot of issues regarding movement and pain . It was recommended that I take help for this from this centre as my friend had a very good feedback. I was a bit scared to go ahead because of all something like this being new to me but as I spoke to Roshni i got some confidence and everything was very simple to follow and explained to me well. We worked with angel numbers and angel therapy and healing. I was not too sure how it would work over a distance without physical contact but was pleasantly surprised when I could feel the difference within 3 days. The healing sessions were very calming and recovery was very quick. I had a good experience with this centre and the people here.


Hina, New Zealand

Roshni is a go getter. She just have to spend few minutes to know you inside out. And the details which she tells you is amazing and unbelievable. She knows every way to make you understand everything about you. The positive energy that she radiates within  you will help you a lot. She is one of the best person I have ever met. Wishing her luck for all his future endures.

Buddha Statue

Madhura Shailesh

Hi am Madhura Shailesh.. I am married and live in Bangalore. I met Roshni for some of the issues going on in my life. She suggested me to get a Tarot card reading done n according to that she did the necessary clearing and also suggested me to learn Reiki. I started learning Reiki from my guru Roshni since 2017. Since then my life has changed a lot. She is the best teacher.. I can’t thank her enough for all the help that she give me. I will definitely recommend her..


Sapna Mohandas


I’ve known Roshni Ma’am for almost 4 years now . And she’s been guiding . She thought me how to think positive even in the most lowest point of my life .thinking positive was the beginning of where I am right now . It’s been an amazing amazing journey with Roshni Ma’am . To have someone understand, to have someone give a perspective of life in a better way is everything. 
I will always thank her for teaching me be positive and to be strong .


Vishnu Nair, Bharuch


My experience was unique, fabulous and spiritual. I got many good things to learn form Madam regarding spiritual aspects.My mind feels much more stronger and powerful. Reiki provided some additional insights into energy that I had not previously contemplated. I also recommend others of any age to start practicing Reiki as it gives us a spiritual experience. Thankyou Madam for your guidance.

Buddha Statue

Seema, Puttur,


 I have been greatly benefited from Roshni's healing. I was stuck in a very difficult situation where I was down healthwise and financially and I was totally helpless.I spent a  lot of time and effort and of course money on different therapies, consulted different people but it was all a waste. I after trying the usual ..that is going to doctors for my health. Consulting atleast 4 astrologers ( who were experts). I began meditating and chanting so many mantras ( suggested by well wishers). I also read as many spiritual books as I could . In the books I  came across a new mode of healing called past life regression. Now there was hope again. I searched online and found some names..I travelled to another city for a session. The session did not work ..I went for a second session , still nothing. From my school group I found one lady who was an expert in PLRT. I contacted her, met her at her place...I explained to her everything..she told me ...I have changed many people's lives for the better..she too conducted two sessions but it did not work for me.  I could not experience any change. thought there was no hope left for me. By chance or by  divine intervention I met Roshni in Bangalore. Just one PLR session and reiki  distance healing in few months time there was a total turnaround in my life. I cannot believe it even now..that I had a difficult time before. This happened two years back. I am ever indebted to my dear reiki guru and PLR expert Roshni. May God fulfill all her wishes and she continue to heal/ benefit as many lives as possible.


Renu Tiwari, Mumbai

I have always avoided tarot card readers or soothsayers. I never believed that some person could predict my future by looking at cards or into some healing crystals. Since childhood, I have believed in hard work to attribute to my success in life, rather than my fate. However, for the last 2 years, my husband and I were trying to achieve something, but it would always slip away from our fingers. It felt like everytime we would reach the final step, we were asked to turn back and start again from the beginning.

These setbacks started seeping into our lifestyle as well. We faced financial, health and work issues and no matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't fix anything. 
One day a friend of mine suggested that I should visit Roshni. I was sceptical at first and my friend also cautioned me to not trust her blindly and go with an open mind. "No harm trying," my friend advised, "It's not like you have to follow what she says but atleast it will give you a fresh perspective." With that in mind, I went to Roshni.
And then things took a turn and started falling in place. Gradually, I started trusting her, piece by piece, as my life started turning the way she predicted. It felt like I was in control of my life again and she helped me steer it in the right direction. My husband and I got what we wanted. There were some health issues in our family that started showing signs of improvement. She is always there when I am tensed or agitated and her healing has helped me become a better person. Thank you, Roshni, for coming into our lives and changing it for the better.


Vinay, Saudi Arabia

Speaking frankly..I have avoided and ignored all occult science activities in my past life.The reason for this in my life have come acrossed many spiritual persons who have not provided me any satisfactory results and mainly they were only profit seekers.
But it was my fate where one of my friend took me to Roshniji and from their my belief towards occult science totally changed.
She read a few cards for me where she said my past ,present & future activities very accurately.
She is also a execellent healer where immediate action I can make out and most main and beautiful thing about her she is available any time when you really need her help.
God bless you Roshniji blessings from all my heart

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