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Book a meeting with Reiki Healer, Tarot reader,  Psychic, Spiritual Medium.

The Golden Buddha - House of solace started with the intent  of assisting people in finding ways to improve their health, relax & detox, with variety of alternative & natural therapies.

We provide Reiki Healing, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that can benefit everyone.

The gentle art of Reiki draws on universal Life energy to benefit persons of any age and in any state  of  health.  It  offers  comfort,  nurture  and support for the good health and balance of mind, body and emotions. 

We also provide Tarot Card Deck and Psychic reading to provide solutions to the clients and classifies the patterns of the trouble and after thorough understanding, We then suggest  the best possible solutions.

Other service includes Past life Regression Therapy, Angel Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleaning, Crystal Therapy,

Pendulum Dowsing, Guided Meditation Sessions, Group Healing, Stress Management, Life Counselling, Colour Therapy.

Learn More about Reiki

Reiki  calms. It  reduces  stress, provides  deep relaxation, comfort and peace.

It boosts and improves the immune system

Reiki  may  bring  spiritual  clarity  and  promote creativity

Areas covered include:

Reiki Healing


Angel Therapy

Crystal Ball

Tarot card reading


Chakra Balancing

Blazing Eye

Past Life Regression

Aura Cleaning

Golden Crystals

Crystal therapy


Group Healing

Sketch Arrow

Pendulum Dowsing

Golden Chakra

Guided Meditation

Stress Management

Mystic Eye

Life Counselling

 Please contact us for any personal queries.


Roshni has been a fantastic guide for me and family. Her readings and remedies have been life changing. As a family, we were going through a very challenging phase and Roshni has been a guiding light for us through these difficult times. Words fall short for me to describe the value of her readings and remedies. I would highly recommend Roshni to anyone seeking guidance.

Mohit Jham
Dubai U.A.E

One of the biggest blessings of my life and fortunate to be able to know her and been able to learn from her, Shown me what is to be have a true guide and friend who stands by you at your darkest hours. 

I met her at a time when I was at an all time low.My very first appointment with her completely changed my outlook towards life...

She taught me true meaning of faith...Held my hand n walked me through when I couldn't even think of standing forget taking a step...

Always has been a pillar of love, support and strength to me yesterday, today and always! 

 She introduced me to myself and showed me the right way. Thanks for making me who I am. 

I would highly recommend Roshni to anyone who needs guidance or going through a hard phase.

Neelima Kothari

 Roshni like her name has always been a shining guiding light in mine and my family's life.


I know her since last 4 years and whenever I did any workshop with her it has been a detailed and holistic experience. She is a great teacher, puts in her loads of effort and makes all workshops a truly real learning experience


I just love her guiding voice messages she shares with us during online workshops.


She is very good and accurate with her readings.

I share a special bond with her and she feels and messaged me whenever I am feeling down amazing Telepathy I should say. The best part is once she takes up your case she is accessible at any hour. A great listener and always there.


Her remedies really work well. her energy is so soothing whenever she is around.I just love the weekly energy circles and the collective meditation and healing hours that she guides over the weekends.


Have taken about 4 pastlife sessions with her for a few personal issues and found relief immensely.


May grace be upon her always !

Nikita Deshpande

Roshini is excellent healer using multiple healing modalities. Crystal clear soul, excellent person,committed to healing therapies, trustworthy, truthful. Having soultions to the problems, capable to provide good healing experiences.


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